Lone Gunman

by The Commissioner

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Be prepared...


(Lone Gunman insert)

Chain winner repertoire kevlar crackalac
Battle ax bars show you niggas where a niggas at
Shoot first ask a question last situations
When my patience runneth over and so it's over
The warriors come out to play and get slain
By the Likwit gold chain commissioner
Gangland constituents
Put these rappers names on a hit list
Cross em out leave em in the streets with no witness
Forensics, shakin they head like who is this?
We bout the business
Never hasty with the decisions
Or bury you where no one can find you claim it a mistrial.
With this style that it took a while to file down serials
Undetected inadmissible
I do this shit in my sleep raps habitual.
I got you running in place like an elliptical
reciprocal is how it's given nothin typical….

(Lone Gunman insert)

Known as the lone gunman with 12 heats
The starter of the hood trackmeets on white sheets
The chalk line graffiti artist thrown up a piece on the block
And sign at the bottom with a ohwop
Co-op with generals divid territories
Adding to them 8million story's iller than Nore's
My shooters with sick cerebral palsy squeezing on triggers
Sprayin These niggas fingers is stuck
Clip smokin empty as fuck on throw away burners
And 9 Milli's beat up as fuck called Nina Turners
I'll get a new one on another day the bouquet ordered
And sent to the home of the beloved
Deep in a grave with them above it
I love it how your demise is my muse
On Worldstar getting all views taking L's my nigga
I keep it Viking with blood trails
Heads impaled on a sticks quick justice
Visual truth for those amongst us
From the oldest to the youngsters yeah…..

(Lone Gunman insert)


released December 13, 2016
Produced by All Ceven
Mixed and mastered by Montage One at Stimulus One Music



all rights reserved


The Commissioner Los Angeles, California

Be prepared...

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